My name is, Emily Warner, I am a professional photographer serving much of the East Coast and more. I have been a photographer since I was in 6th grade. My first lessons were in a dark room with film. With a strong foundation, my appreciation for detail and lighting continued into the digital world we're in now. My Nikon ... Nikon's ... have always been by my side. For almost 23 years, I have spent countless hours, finding the most pinpoint moments where life happens -- unfiltered.

My bags are ready. I am anxiously awaiting a trip to Virginia, the Outer Banks, or West Virginia, but enjoys staying close to home in Pittsburgh. While on location, I find balance and juxtaposition between natural lighting and the scenery to create the image.

My photography has won several competitions and has been printed in multiple publications.

With each shoot, my goal is to catch a moment through the lens finding perfection while you're in conversation and having fun.

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